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           Zhongxin Technology Pte Ltd  
                   Responsible Recycling (R2) Standard.
Zhongxin Technology Pte Ltd is established in the year 2013  at Singapore with the aim of providing Information Security Management Solutions for the corporate companies across the globe. Mobile Phones are high risk prone areas for corporate companies in losing business and Zhongxin Technology Pte Ltd is your solution provider. The company is at the DoorStep of all allied sectors from mobile phone end users to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and corporate companies both manufacturing and service providers to safeguard their identified security risks.
Zhongxin Technology Pte Ltd now been upgraded its technology complying to latest sustainability International Standards of Responsible Recycling R2:2013, Environmental Management System and Occupational health and Safety Management Systems.
Zhongxin Technology Pte Ltd offers a tailor-made security solution for the corporate industry covering all allied sectors and prevent their determined information security risks and ensure meeting the terms and conditions of statement of agreements with customers across the globe.
Special features of the organization:
> Undertaking outsourced agreements for repair and refurbishment of repair mobiles from countries like USA, Canada, Middle East, Russia, South Korea and Japan, Philippines, Malaysia and Australia and New Zealand countries.
>  Accepting broken mobile phones and cent% prevention of information leakage from such mobiles.
>  Repair and refurbishment of all branded mobile phones in a safe and secured dedicated area.
> Unlocking solutions of locked mobiles ensuring legal charges paid up to respective countries related authorities.
>  Give value addition to aged mobiles with extended life best matching to latest mobiles introduced in market.
> Data sanitization/ data destruction of information contained in sim cards/ memory areas using NIST approved software with valid license.
>  Associating with corporate companies such as software/manufacturing/ service sectors like Banking, Insurance, Hospitals, public transport and other allied security leakage prone companies.
>  Periodical maintenance/repair and refurbishment of mobile phones used by employees (including data wiping of mobile phones retained from employees left from organizations)
> Safe disposal of scrap mobiles or related accessories to R2:2013 certified Downstream vendor chain till the end of life of the FM containing materials.
> Cent % legal compliance of its business operations ad keep its upstream vendors and Downstream vendors happy in all respects.
Following are the mobile phones procurement sources we look forward as our business strategy:
1. Corporate companies provided mobiles to employees’ network and looking for Annual maintenance activities (including data wiping and software update), assets valuation and safe disposal of scrap mobile phones.
2. Charities/ foundation organizations seeking security solutions and safe disposal of mobile phones.
3. Manufacturing and marketing network of various allied sectors public and private companies.
4. E-waste recyclers looking for safe disposal of mobile phones.
5. E-waste recyclers looking for outsourcing services related repair and refurbishment of mobiles and safe disposal till end-of life of mobiles or related accessories.
6. Repair and refurbishment of mobiles from end users/ consumers on day to day need basis.